The comprehensive range of VDE insulated hand tools

When working on electrical systems, maximum safety is ensured when these systems are disconnected from the mains. Only a trained expert should carry out live work, whilst observing the relevant occupational safety standards (for example VDE 0105 in Germany, and EN 50110 or IEC 60364 internationally). Special tools, produced for this purpose and tested to DIN EN 60 900, have to be used. In addition to the legal requirements please observe the following safety instructions:

  • Transport tools for live work in such a manner that damage to the insulation is avoided.
  • Before every use check that the insulation is not damaged; damaged tools have to be discarded.
  • Use protective clothing and equipment (e.g. electrician's gloves) – especially when working in confined spaces
  • Only use tools of suitable dimensions. This prevents slipping off the workpiece and making unwanted contact with uninsulated parts.
  • Before starting work check whether the power has been switched off and ensure that it cannot be switched back on unintentionally.

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