Polyester belts & Chain Pullys

Salient Features
  • Much lighter than metal slings, easy to handle.
  • High performance fibre, high safety.
  • Non corrosive, non conductive, non sparking.
  • Very simple, easy and safe to operate.
  • Prevention of slip and damage on the surface of finished goods.
  • Wide surface hence less pressure at the points of contact of the lifting object.
  • Top-notch Durability - Shock-Absorbing Rubber Head & Tough Polymer Body

Ratchet Straps

Salient Features
  • Fittings are attached based on the needs (hook or triangle ring)
  • Attendtion : lifting goods is prohibited.
  • Standard length is 4 mtr, but can be modified as 1 m to 50 m, temperature range is 40 C to 100 C.
  • Use only undamage Ratchet straps, the lebel can clearly show the capacity.
  • Don't tie knot in belt.
  • Can use a protective sleeve to make the fabric safe from the sharp edges to aviod damage.
  • Aviod distrtion, wring in ratchet straps.
  • Don't place ohject on the ratchet straps.

Salient Features of Product

Lifting Belt Ratchet Straps Chain Pully D-Shackles

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